Easter & Cavosie :: Attorneys at Law

Built on Principle
Designed for Efficiency


Easter & Cavosie stands firm in its commitment to serve clients with excellence. Our clients – many of whom are national companies with large projects to manage – depend on our counsel.

Easter & Cavosie’s continued success in building highly satisfied, long-term clients rests on our dedication to:

Have a Sharp Focus:

Our focus is on the construction, real estate, and design industries. Our lawyers and legal staff are educated and trained, and they have significant practical experience in these areas. We know the lingo, the processes, and the challenging legal situations that can arise.

Work Efficiently:

Easter & Cavosie works to know a client’s business and to anticipate its legal challenges. If a problem arises, our team can act quickly and wisely on the client’s behalf.

Work Economically:

We pride ourselves on our big firm experience without the big firm hourly rates.

Creatively Achieve Resolution:

Our aim is to find prompt resolution for our clients. A positive resolution can often be found through a variety of methods or processes. Our attorneys counsel clients on creative approaches to avoid and, if necessary, resolve problems.